Towards Swedish ID for dentist


To work as a dentist in Sweden, you need a Swedish dentist’s ID. Certificates are issued only to occupational groups that have an independent occupational function with qualified duties and which bear special responsibility for the safety of patients in health care.

To be legitimized means that you as a professional are under the supervision of society and have been approved to work in the area of ​​identification. The community also has the opportunity to file a credentials if a professional misinterprets.

Papers are issued by the National Board of Health.

You who have undergone Swedish dentistry education apply for a certificate from the National Board of Health and Welfare by filling in a form, sending a certified copy of the diploma and a certificate of proof and SEK 700. Read more and get a form on the National Board of Health and Welfare’s website

Do you have a foreign dental training?

The process of obtaining a legitimacy looks a little different depending on whether you received your education inside or outside the EU:

For dentists from another EU country and from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland
The right to establish itself as a self-employed person or as an employed person in an EU country other than Sweden and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland is based on an EC Directive (2005/36 / EC), which means that mutual recognition of formal qualifications is recognized by the Member States. You can say that if you have a dental exam from any of the above countries and want to work in Sweden, it is easy to get a Swedish dentist’s ID.

Full information about what the National Board of Health requires for issuing a Swedish ID is on the National Board of Health and Welfare’s website.

You can read more about working in Sweden in Saco’s web site Restart.

Full permission

Tips for you who plan to study your dentistry education in EU countries or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland: Please note that the education you plan to go leads to “full eligibility” in the country of study. Full eligibility means that you may work as a dentist with full jurisdiction in the country in which you taught you. This information is provided from the school you intend to study at.

For you with a dental exam from a country outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland
For those with education from a country other than one within the EU, EEA or Switzerland, there are two ways to get Swedish credentials. Either you take the steps in the process prescribed by the National Board of Health, or you will complete supplementary education.

For those who want to complete the steps on their own, you will find more information on the National Board of Health and Welfare’s website.

The supplementary programs are available at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and Göteborg University. The goal is for you to have the skills and knowledge required to apply for a certificate from the National Board of Health and Welfare and to work as a dentist in Sweden after completing education. The supplementary education is full-time for 1 year. During the course, theoretical studies with clinical practice / vocational education are completed.