Study french before you study denistry!

You might need to work on your french before you start studying dentistry in France. Here is a good read on how you can get going right away! 

Alliance Française is a non-profit language organization founded in 1883 and currently exists in 130 countries.
The school in Lyon is located in the middle of the city and is the second largest of the Alliance schools, founded in 1984. Each year, thousands of students of more than 90 different nationalities come here to study French language courses. The school is large and does have many european students, which makes your language course more efficient. As a student at the school you also have access to the university’s student dining room, the Internet and various student discounts. Teaching at the school is of high quality and teachers are very keen to facilitate learning for the students and assist with exceptional help and service. For those who want to travel on a language trip to a big city in France but still not Paris, we can highly recommend Lyon and school Alliance Française who has language courses of very high quality at great prices. The cost situation in Lyon is also relatively low against other cities, which benefits you as a student.


Lyon is France’s second largest city with 1.3 million people who consider staying in the heart of French cuisine. This beautiful inland city is often counted as France’s gastronomic capital where restaurants with delicious and affordable food are found in almost every corner.

Lyon is a very beautiful city immersed in an exciting landscape with lots to see and do. On the west side lies the wine district of Beaujoulais and to the east you find the beginning of the Alps. Whether interest is in culture, entertainment, sports or other, there are options for most. The school regularly organizes activities alongside the school’s language courses. Weekend and day trips are organized to destinations such as the Riviera, Italy or the Alps. In addition, there are a variety of theaters, museums and cinemas to visit, not to mention a really good nightlife!

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