She chose France to reach her dream

Anna Andersson had an interest in language and culture and therefore chose to go humanist at Oslogymnasiet.

“I was not so study motivated and far from top grade, but rather I was on funds. I also got an interest in medicine and was thinking about going to a nurse or a vet, but I could not get any education in Norway partly because of my grades, partly because I did not go to a science line, she says.

After her high school, she decided to go to the music school in Ingesund a year, but at the end of the year she decided to still focus on the veterinary profession.

– I searched the web and got a blog about a norwegians who plunged to dentists abroad. After a little more exploration, I found the education in France, did the entrance examination and an interview and came in.

The education of dentistĀ in Oslo is one of the most difficult courses to come across. High grades are required, and the training sites are few. Anna Andersson goes to France University of Health Sciences, FSMU, located in Paris. To be admitted to the education, full upper secondary education is required and preferably a high grade in English. In addition to this, an entrance exam is written with questions in biology and chemistry.

“The education should be equivalent to Norway, and it is a very nice university with good teachers who really deserve to complete the studies.

How did it feel like moving?

“It was nervous because I had never been there and did not know how it would be. What I was most nervous about was that the education is in English, but I got into it after a few weeks, “she says.

She has now completed a year of education and has four and a half years left. The education costs around SEK 60,000 a year.

– Studyloans cover up the full cost except for the last term that I have to pay for myself. It is also much cheaper to live and live in France, I share an apartment with a classmate and we have a rent of a total of 3 700 kronor a month.

At school, students gather from all over the world. Veterinary education includes people from India, Spain and Israel. Most students come from Norway and Germany, says Anna Andersson.

“There are at least ten people from Norway who go to dental school, and there are many norwegians in medical education with. However, I do not know anyone from Oslo, “she says.

A big advantage according to Anna Andersson is that the education is international and is given in English, which opens more doors.

“When I’m done, I can work in principle wherever I want in the world. I would like to go abroad and are looking forward to working in England, they have good dental care.

At the end of the week, Anna Andersson returns to Paris to start his second year. She goes home to Gotland three times a year, next time for Christmas. Even though she says she does not have a big home away from home when she is there, it is now a bit of a courage to go back.

“It’s quite long for Christmas, and it’s a bit sad to leave my family and my friends here. Then it’s so nice with nature close to Gotland, I do not get that bit in Paris. On the other hand, the summer heat stays longer there, it is nice.

Would you recommend others to study abroad?

“I really can do that, but I think it’s important to feel that you really want to.

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