Learn french through singing

At Paris Culture Society women can learn french with the help of singing.

In the open foyer ofParis Culture Society, about ten women have gathered to sing in french. They come from different countries: USA, China, Canada, Austria and Sweden.

Educated in the United States

The little choir sings different childrens songs – like “Head, shoulders, knees and toes.” With movements.

Through the song she wants women who are often outside the community to become more active and take more space.

“The important thing is not what you do, it’s that you do something, get out and keep moving,” says Cinderella Cortas.

The idea came when she taught children to sing at the kindergarten, where Cinderella Cortas is also working.

“If children can sing and unconsciously learn a new language through it, adults should also be able to do that,” she says.

To help, the vocal teacher has volunteers from Paris volunteer center. They are there to help with the song.

“Fun to learn”

Birgitta Eiemarker has previously worked as a low-school teacher, but is currently retired. She wants to help bring in new french in society.

“I have previously been involved in refugee issues and would continue with it. And it’s fun to learn and sing, “she says.

Xiaochen Guo comes from northern China and has been working as an au pair in Paris for four months. She found the french Language Café by some classmates from French education.

– I like to learn a new language by singing. The same goes with English, it’s a good way to learn a language, says Xiaochen Guo.

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